Bare Paws Massage Co. offers an array of massage supplies. We currently sell Earthlite and Sacred Earth Botanicals lotions, creams, and oils. You can keep a variety of supplies on hand for different situations and varying client preferences.

Massage Lotion

Lotions are a nice choice for deep tissue massage because they allow for medium glide, good muscle grip, and are easy to clean up.

Massage Cream

Creams offer a thicker texture and can be very moisturizing for rough, dry areas of skin. They also blend easily with essential oils so can be a nice choice for aroma therapy massage.

Massage Oils

Oils are easily warmed up and offer a nice smooth glide while working. A little oil can also go a long way during a massage.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about any of our lotions, oils or creams, call us at (480) 970-3739. We’re here to help!