Massage Accessories

You’ll find that massage accessories can greatly improve your massage practice. They often increase comfort for both you and your clients. Below is a quick overview of some useful accessories we offer.

Massage Bolsters

Bolsters can provide greater comfort for your clients by creating better body alignment during a massage. You can use different bolsters for different positions and situations. For example, a therapist might use a half round bolster under someone’s ankles to raise the feet off the table or use a neck bolster to provide support for the neck.

Fleece Pads & Table Warmers

Fleece pads create soft padding for your clients while electric table warmers keep clients nice and warm. Pads and table warmers make for a cozy, relaxing combo in the cooler winter months.

Headrests, Armrests, and Footrests

Use adjustable head rests, footrests, and armslings to make your client more comfortable and to open up different muscle groups.

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