Why do I have to call to place my order for some items?

Items such as the Stationary and Lift Massage Tables are custom built to order. Due to variations in build times, shipping rates, and prices for these tables, they require direct ordering by phone. Other portable tables costing more than $600 may also receive discounts on shipping (therefore require calling to receive an accurate shipping quote), but those discounts vary by individual orders.

Why can't I order Lotions/Oils/Creams from May through September

BarePaws Massage Co. is local to Phoenix, Arizona. Arizona summers have extreme temperatures and products made of natural ingredients like lotions, oils, and creams often go rancid during shipment. Because we only want to provide our customers with the best quality products, we do not ship lotions/oils/creams during the summer time.

Do you ship outside of the United States?

Bare Paws Massage Co. only takes online orders for shipments within the continental United States. Bare Paws Massage Co. will take orders for shipments outside of the continental United States (like international orders or orders to Alaska or Hawaii for example) but these orders must be made over the phone due to significant variations in shipping costs. To place an order for this type of shipment, call (480) 970-3739 or Toll-Free: 1-866-205-1258

Shipping & Taxes

The estimates in the chart are only accurate for orders within the continental United States. For all other destinations, customers may call to place orders or receive shipping quotes.

Phone(480) 970-3739 Toll-Free1-866-205-1258

Tax Rates

A 8.6% tax is added to orders shipped to the state of Arizona.

bare paws massage company shipping chart